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Denied SGLI Claim Lawyer

Servicemembers Group Life Insurance, SGLI, is life insurance provided at a reduced amount to eligibile servicemembers deducted through payroll, and $400,000 is the typical amount, but SGLI coverage is available in $50,000 increments up to $400,000. The insured servicemember can pick anyone he or she wants to be the beneficiary. If eligible, you can be automatically enrolled.

Servicemembers typically include: Marines; Navy; Army; Air Force; and Coast Guard. In addition, commissioned members of NOAA and USPHS are included. Cadets, midshipman of US military academies, as well as members, cadets, midshipman of ROTC are included. Lastly, members of Ready Reserve, National Guard and IRR are included. Beneficiaries should not download the 8283 SGLI claim form, but should retain an SGLI attorney, as there are pitfalls to not having an attorney.

Our denied SGLI claim lawyers handle hundreds of denied SGLI claims each year, and we have a hundred percent success rate. Picking the right SGLI lawyer is critical to your success in recovering your SGLI benefits. Our SGLI attorneys have years of experience resolving these claims. We also handle VGLI claims, TSGLI claims, VA life insurance claims, and all life insurance claims which have been delayed or denied.

SGLI claims can be extremely complex, and there is a plethora of caselaw on the books. We have hundreds of legal briefs in our arsenal, and we can get these cases resolved very quickly.

SGLI Beneficiary Dispute

We deal with SGLI beneficiary disputes every week. Beneficiaries of SGLI polices are designated on SGLV form 8286. The beneficiary designation is required to be accepted before it becomes effective, yet there are many situations when there has been a beneficiary change, and our lawyers have to investigate who received the change form, and when. We have handled a myriad of issues with respect to a servicemember dying before the form was officially accepted, and we have recovered the full amount of SGLI benefits for our clients every single time, as we know how to handle these claims. Often beneficiary changes are not considered effective. We get over this obstacle. Frequently, there are competing beneficiaries, and claims are filed for the same SGLI money. We know how to win. We have seen forms that specific the total beneficiary percentages totaling more than 100%, and we know how to resolve these errors. Primary beneficiaries are sometimes deceased when the servicemember dies. Secondary beneficiaries are often deceased as well. Issues such as whether the spouse, parents, children, executor or next of kin often arise, and we can sort these out.

SGLI Claim and Spouse

You need to know that a surviving spouse is not automatically entitled to the SGLI money. The benefits go to the named beneficiary.

SGLI Claim and Divorce

Most divorce attorneys don’t know the first thing about SGLI claims when divorce is involved. They know the mechanics with respect to getting divorced, but they don’t understand complexities with respect to divorce and SGLI claims. There are issues regarding divorce decrees which we handle on a weekly basis. Also, there are issues with respect to maintaining life insurance in child support orders. Many lawyers believe that Federal law always trumps state law, but this is not always the case. We get calls from spouses who live in Community Property States who don’t understand why their claims were denied. Whenever there are issues arising from divorce, our denied SGLI claim attorneys should be consulted.

Forfeiture of SGLI Claims

If a servicemember is convicted of a crime such as desertion, espionage, treason or mutiny, SGLI claims are frequently forfeited. However, there are ways to get your SGLI benefits nonetheless.

Delayed SGLI Claims

We handle delayed SGLI claims as well as denied SGLI claims. Without our lawyers getting involved, these claims could persist for months on end. It is better that we are retained for a delayed SGLI claim before your claim gets denied, so you can get the money you need as soon as possible.

Recent SGLI Cases

A Marine Corps sergeant divorced his second wife, and was ordered by the court to maintain life insurance policies for his four children. The sergeant married his third wife, and changed the beneficiary to the third wife. The sergeant died six months later. The first, second and third wife all filed claims for his $400,000 SGLI policy. The third wife retained us, and we got her the full $400,000.

An Air Force captain was murdered by his wife, the primary beneficiary of the SGLI insurance policy. The captain’s son and daughter were the contingency beneficiaries of his SGLI policy. We had to submit a legal brief addressing the “murdering heir” rule, and we were able to get our clients, the children, the full policy amount.

An Army corporal was in Afghanistan, and disappeared before turning up dead two months later. His status was changed from “present for duty” to “absent without leave” also known as AWOL. The SGLI claim was denied because his status was absent without leave for 31 consecutive days. We were able to get his wife the full policy benefits.

A Navy Ensign had an SGLI policy. After he left the Navy, he converted the policy to a Veteran’s Group Life Insurance policy, a VGLI policy. The beneficiary was changed on the VGLI application. The issue was whether the signature on the new policy was valid or not. We were able to get the full policy amount for our client.

A Marine captain changed the beneficiary on his SGLI policy. Although the change in beneficiary was accepted, it was not properly documented and recorded. Our lawyers had to do an intensive investigation into the handling of the document, but in the end, we were able to get our client the full $400,000 to which she was entitled.

An Army Master Sergeant died, and there was a dispute between beneficiaries. The first wife, as well as the second wife applied for SGLI benefits. This was a case involving a constructive trust, and we got our client the full policy amount.

Why you need a denied SGLI claim lawyer.

SGLI claims, as well as VGLI claims, are unlike regular private life insurance claims, and there are many complexities to these cases.  We have over fifteen years experience handling these claims, and we have been successful in every case.  Don't try to play lawyer, retain one.